Souldier Supplies


LOVE BRIGADE announced their relaunch with brand new Souldier Supply Kits, subscribable via their campaign here. 

Announcing: The Box That Changed The World, a concept by Alyssa J. Key and her team of likeminded creatives. Since I met Alyssa over 5 years ago, I’ve been a fan of her cool aesthetic, inspired by her powerful dynamic attitude and utterly charmed by her charismatic leadership.  What’s more is behind all of that is a kind, approachable person who keeps it 100% real.

Let’s check out LOVE BRIGADE’s assortment of goodies … pictured: examples of what you might expect arriving to your doorstep when you support the brand’s imminent relaunch. 


I am be-Yond excited to receive my first package.  In fact, if I were a high-roller, I would order one for each and every person I know.  That way, we could all stand together as Souldiers!  So a word to the wise: be nice, and you just might be the recipient of a limited edition gift! ; )


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