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Amour Fou


Marion Cotillard plays an unapologetic afflicted misfit in 1950’s France, seeking a cure in the swiss alps.  A tragic romance ensues with a shut-in lieutenant (Louis Garrel).  From the bizarre trip inside the delusional mind of a lunatic, it becomes evident: her suffering can’t be helped.

From the Land of the Moon / Mal de pierres
Nicole Garcia, France/Belgium/Canada, 2016, 116m
French and Spanish with English subtitles



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Memento Mori Collection raises funds and awareness for artisans globally

On February 16, Alisha Trimble wrapped fashion week her way by hosting a Salon benefiting the NEST organization, hosted by Real Estate Agent Bernadette Mastrangel.

The salon featured a private viewing of evening wear by Alisha Trimble along with a conversation on women and slow fashion with Nest.

Alisha said “I chose the honeycomb motif as my Memento Mori for its significance to this era; we have seen bees and their natural habitat, but future generations might not … We’re not just losing bees.  Our artisans both here and in other countries also deserve protection.”


Albany (BMG Models) wears Silk charmeuse scallop-neck Gown by Alisha Trimble with silk embroidered honeycomb neck ruffle. Hair by Younghawk Bautista courtesy of Barba Salon.


Sarina S. (BMG Models) wears the English Wool Crepe Jacket with recycled silk & cotton fur sleeves by Alisha Trimble. Hair by Younghawk Bautista courtesy of Barba Salon.



Christina C. (BMG Models) wears the Fiber Art blouse blended in Mohair, Alpaca and Mulberrry Silk by Alisha Trimble. Hair by Younghawk Bautista courtesy of Barba Salon.


Miranda F. (BMG Models) wears the Silk Embroidered Honeycomb Blouse and Honeycomb skirt made from English wool by Alisha Trimble. Hair by Younghawk Bautista courtesy of Barba Salon.


Sarina S. (BMG Models) wears the Honeycomb beaded silk taffeta cocktail dress by Alisha Trimble. Hair by Younghawk Bautista courtesy of Barba Salon.


Camryn (BMG Models) wears the Black Star Silk Taffeta Gown by Alisha Trimble. Hair by Younghawk Bautista courtesy of Barba Salon.


SuzyMae Howard and Sondra Rapoport learn more about the NEST organization and their upcoming visit to Haiti.



Hosts Alisha Trimble and Bernadette MAstrangel




Nail polish by Deborah Lippmann.


Nest is a 501c3 non-for-profit organization committed to the social and economic advancement of global artisans and homeworkers through supply chain transparency, sustainable business development, and widespread industry advocacy. By providing artisan businesses with replicable, high-impact programs, while also building scalable solutions to challenges facing the sector as a whole, Nest is creating a more inclusive and circular global economy with the power to alleviate poverty, strengthen families, and preserve endangered cultural traditions.


Building off of ten years of experience providing business solutions to help strengthen the capacity global artisan businesses, Nest works to bring its data-driven programming to under-served, early-stage, and hard-to-reach artisan communities. Nest currently services a network of over 300 artisan businesses across 50 countries by providing them with digital support tools including a living library, webinars featuring industry leaders and phone/ video trainings with field experts. However, in order to receive on the ground programming and access to Nest’s robust Professional Fellowship Network of high-caliber professional volunteers, a due-diligence site visit for potential artisan partners must be conducted.



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New Playlist Alert

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My Christmas Gift Wish List: There’s Still Time!

Sometimes you just have to ask, in order to get what you want.  Here’s whats on my not-so-subtle holiday wish list.

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum, when your beauty sleep goes overtime.


I’ve been looking for light color peachy nude lip opaque enough to go over my rose colored lips. Since I like that there’s a matching pencil and creamy lipstick in one hand, I think it’s time for me to try Tom Ford Lip Duo in color: Fling It On.



It’s been a crummy year but there’s still time to save Christmas! For the fashionable trendsetter and beauty in your life, check out the full wish list for superstar gift ideas here

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Rose Hartman, Incomparable by name

Rose was there. Somewhere between Bill Cunningham and Weegee she planted herself, sure and stout.


Bianca Jagger at Studio 54 1977 by Rose Hartman

Not afraid to speak her mind, Rose is unfazed by anyone’s power, she rather takes it in.


Anna Wintour photographed by Rose Hartman

Just when things appear dull, Rose draws you near her and she tells you something sensational in a hushed whisper.


Models Backstage at Donna Karan photographed by Rose Hartman

Rose captures the moment without disrupting it, because she is an integral part of it.


From INCOMPARABLE COUPLES photo by Rose Hartman

The vibrance, joy, opulence, and electricity in the images are the current that runs through her and her lens.


Andy Warhol and Lou Reed photographed by Rose Hartman. 

Rose was everywhere I wished I could’ve been.  All the places I just heard or read about or saw in magazines.


Rose lives the dream and in photos it seems sweet and beautiful.  What’s most impressive is she has so much to show for being there, the stunning work she did.


Otis and Rose

The fact that she and her work endures gives restorative energy to those who hoped but were beaten down by adversity, shunned by the precarious uncertainty of an artist’s life, and plagued with self-doubt. Here is a woman who can show you how to grab life by the lens.

Experience a closer look at Rose and her work in the documentary The Incomparable Rose Hartman which premieres tomorrow at DOC NYC.




Follow Your Nose, Navigating Maker Faire

What drew me into the Maker Faire might surprise some: I was asked to volunteer to help guests sort out their recycling. While not the most glamorous job, I was posted next to the main stage and really got into character, the smell of ketchup giving me flashbacks from when I worked as a cashier at McDonald’s. 

For the most part, guests were cooperative in supporting the fair’s effort to be as close to zero waste as possible. 

Day two I returned on a mission to find useful technology to expand my design range. Entering the pavilion in The New York Hall of Science, I detected a faint odor of cool ranch Doritos. Proud to have made the onerous journey two days in a row, I walked straight into the caf n paid $2 in all quarters for my own bag of the trendy snack, then sat down at what I thought must be the cool table. Having downloaded the Maker Faire App the day before, I checked which exhibitors I had favorited and scrolled through them with powdery snack fingers. 

Circling around a dazzling array of educational kids exhibitors, I could smell almond soap and hand sanitizer. I spoke to some of the best available facilitators of techy type design labs, one at which I enthused a bit much, and recoiled at my Dorito breath. 

Next I decided to check out the Bust Craftacular exhibitors, in the muddy shanty town close to the exit of the fair. Donning my headphones, I blasted The Cold Cold Hearts but nothing could block out the savory fragrance of ramen noodles. There were some very alluring organic beauty and skin care ranges, and talented jewelry hobbyists, but as far as people advancing the craft of clothing design, it was sadly lacking. Perhaps Bust could do better in presenting professional talent in a more respectable light. I was very depressed looking at this and spoke to no one as my kitten heels sank into the soft earth. 

Seeking adventure, changing my soundtrack to electronic music, I picked up my chin and traversed across towards the 3-D printing village. En route, I was handed a pair of safety goggles courtesy of Google. There was a long line for Google and Intel-related activities with a faint odor of cherry kool-aid mysteriously emanating from an unknown source. 

Turning the volume up to drown out hecklers who presumably got tired of working their booths, I located the 3-D printer folks and gathered Intel on who can create a printer collaboratively, based on your needs, and for the best rate. Dizzy with all the information, I nearly wandered into the drone-building and flying zone. Terrified, because even among geeks, I am that person who will be struck in the eye with a flying object, so naturally I fled. 

Touching my toe to a discarded pipe cleaner was also a thing that happened. Then I checked out the Barnes & Noble pop-up shop which was swamped with shopper frenzy (take note Bust.) it was beautifully merchandised and well-staffed with both professional sales staff as well as security.

Tired, sore, and slightly humbled by everything I saw; however, somewhat triumphant as well, I gratefully accepted my complimentary copies of Bust on the way out, excited to read them when I get home. The smell of ink and a petroleum/nylon backpack that says microchip dangling off my arm. Am I ready to drink the kool-aid? Possibly. 

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Monte Carlo Fashion Week Highlights


Chanel aka Epcot Center with barricades and a dry fountain.


Intimate cocktail reception on the terrace above the Cafe de Paris, overlooking the Casino.


Phone frenzy as the Princess of Monaco arrives to view the shows.


The Chambre Monégasque de la Mode awarded Stella Jean for her engagement and contribution in the creation of an ethical and sustainable fashion brand. When accepting her award, Jean said, “We can make beautiful things, but we also have the chance to do so much more.”



View from all the way up! in Beausoleil.