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Masks for everybody

Here are the masks I’ve made to help mitigate the spread of the icky virus.  It’s always best to cover your mouth and nose if you’re going out shopping or pumping gas; since the virus enters through your mouth nose and eyes and we have no way of knowing who might be asymptomatic, it’s best to be protected!


Small and Large masks in natural cotton with filter cloth lining, 2 each.


Special filtration fabric lining wipes clean with alcohol swabs or clorox wipes.  It’s always best to use a fresh mask but if you don’t have one available, be sure to keep yours clean.


Black masks prepared to deliver


I made 10 washable fabric masks ready for donation to a local nursing home. After creating a pattern, sourcing and testing fabrics, in the past couple days I made about 50 masks and donated half of them to families in need and small businesses in the area that conduct face to face interactions with their customers.

If you need a mask, please contact me at  No one will be turned away who is in need of a mask as long as I can make them. Suggested donation is $35 for one mask, $20 per mask if 4 or more.  To order yours or to donate to ordering supplies, go to or venmo @alisha-trimble.