Alisha Trimble’s Weekly April Earth Day Essays

If you know me, you know Earth Day is my favorite holiday.  While I may not look it, deep down I am a total hippie! When out shopping I look at something and visualize what it took to make that thing, and how that affected the environment. I can’t help but care about the Earth’s natural resources and naturally make choices to conserve them. This applies to my creative process, which I often keep to myself for proprietary reasons. When dealing with very confused consumers in my store on a daily basis, I decided to open up and share what I’ve learned in the process of being a sustainable High Fashion designer.

In the weeks coming up to Earth Day, I’m giving pointers on how We The Fashionable can be better to our dear Planet Earth.  This year, the garment industry went from top three to the Number Two source of pollution worldwide. While to many, it is a mystery how clothing is made, or how to change this, one thing is clear. It is important for people who are in a position to choose, to make an honest assessment of their shopping habits, how to dress more sustainably, and to care for their clothing in a lasting way. But first: let’s look at where we are now, by reflecting on the notions of Innovation and Progress.


But how low is too low?

What is Innovation?      Convenience is King. When we look at the successful advances of technology of today, convenience is the one thing they all have in common.  Want any food delivered to your door without saying a word? Want a driver to get you at a moment’s notice? Want to instantly have a 3D shape appear? We are all wizards. I love utilizing the technology we now have & I consider myself lucky to have an iPhone. When it comes to funding, investors and the US Government throw the full weight of their moneybags toward ventures that can be described as innovative. But what is the ultimate cost?

For me, it’s great to save time and reduce stress; however, there are times when a person could easily realize they went too far. A dating app might help you to meet new people, but without discernment you might also be putting yourself in danger. When it comes to our clothing, the past decade’s advancements in manufacturing have accelerated  to Ludicrous Speed. In the relentless search for ever cheaper overseas manufacturing, countless lives have been lost and people continue to be ruthless in their competition to flood the unregulated global market with lower-cost clothing. But how low is too low?

A discerning integration of current technology with obsolete or archaic techniques is the most progressive course for innovation.

What is progress?       Being progressive means that the innovations we select to incorporate into our daily lives have a positive impact for future generations. While there are many areas in which humanity continues to make progress, in the coming weeks we can concentrate on making cultural progress while protecting the environment. Technology today is a very changeable work in progress, and here we have the golden opportunity to identify mistakes and learn from them. A discerning integration of current technology with obsolete or archaic techniques is the most progressive course for innovation.

In the weeks leading up to Earth Day, I will shed light on which choices benefit us, including being selective about the materials we wear, learning and sharing daily practices which make up a healthy wardrobing lifestyle and have the biggest impact on the Earth and humanity. If you love fashion, care about equal human rights and want to help protect the environment, then let’s work together. Feel free to share my articles as they come out, and contribute your own positive examples to the discussion in the comments. Together we can make it the best Earth Day and have a lasting influence on future generations.


10th annual Evening in the Garden


Conservatory Garden

Central Park Conservancy, a private, not-for-profit organization, hosted the 10th annual Evening in the Garden event in the Conservatory Garden. The event was sponsered by Manhattan Magazine and Madewell. The garden was humming with the sounds of the High & Mighty Brass Band and spirited conversations between new and old acquaintances.

The mission of the Central Park Conservancy is to restore, manage, and enhance Central Park. Join the Greensward Circle to enjoy special benefits like complimentary tickets to Evening in the Garden and other fabulous events, monthly volunteer days in the Park, and that warm and fuzzy feeling you get from supporting a world-class nonprofit organization. Images Below by Bryan Thatcher.


Pictured left to right: Suzy Mae Howard, guests, Alisha Trimble, and Kellie Lynch


Model/Actress Suzy Mae Howard wearing Alisha Trimble Resort 2016

Suzy Mae Howard and Alisha Trimble

Suzy Mae Howard and Alisha Trimble




Chelsea from Fenton Moon Models in yellow skull swimsuit. America’s Next Top Model Lisa In IL MAKIAGE color shadow powder in St. Tropez Gold.

Molly, BMG Models, in White Daisy Dress, Hair by Gina Arrojo & Make Up By Wenya Chang



Jessi on the right from MGMT Models, in Sequin and Stud Mailot, Shoes By Milk & Honey

Kristina from Empire Models, in Crochet Onesie




Gabrielle from MGMT Models on the left, Rachael from BMG Models on the right


Chelsea D from Caleb White Models on the left, Lisa from Major Models on the right






Suzy Mae Howard on the left, Anastasia from MGMT Models on the right

Jostacia from Agency Models




Left to right Ashley V., Maria



Photos By: Lisa Ramsey, Mike Howard, GP Lucas

Jewelry By: Fused Babe

The Show was Held at Yotel.