Wishing & Hoping, No Use Moping

Recently I discovered the online wish list!  Since asking for things that you want & debatably “need” in person is akward, this is much easier!

visit my wishlist here:


Now you can give me what I want for my birthday.  Yay!



Happy & Well-Dressed

From today’s inbox:

A special client wrote me after attending the San Francisco Imperial Coronation wearing a dress I had custom-made just for her:

“OMG! You would believe HOW MANY compliments I received on Saturday evening!! THank you so much!”

she continually raises money for breast cancer, and proudly declares of the evening,

“I picked up two checks that evening for $7k.  Horray!  and I was styled beautifully.  thank you!”

Hope she sends pictures.  So happy for you Darling!  Who is next???  xxo, a

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summer favs

People are always asking me, “what do people do in The Hamptons?  Can I come?  Where is an affordable & fun place to stay?  If I go, will they let me into the nightclubs & parties?”  Well, I may not have the answer to those and other burgeoning questions; however there is someone I know who does:

Introducing: David Shapiro, The Hamptons Concierge.  He is the Go-to guy for questions about the social scene, & whatever you want to know about the Long Island elite night life.  Since we’re friends, he’s allowed me to give out his number just to my readers: 917.806.4171.  Call him & say you’re my friend, he’ll set you up!

In other news on the same topic:

while I may be stuck behind a computer working today, I may pause a moment, take a sip from my diet coke & lemon, and dream about the things I love for summer.  Today I’m dreaming of The Hamptons!  Here are two of my favourites:

The cutest store in town: Smith


Newly renovated cute interior styled by Alissa Smith, & Smith’s chic dresses & seperates.

Check out the write-up on here.  and more lovely looks available at Smith here.

Also a Hamptons Favourite of mine is DJ Twilo.  I just died over her sound cloud here, and promised myself I’ll be dancing to her set this summer as soon as humanly possible.  Visit her website at


Summery Goods

PICTURED: 1. Gold Crystal Necklace, $80, Too Shea, 2. Cotton Pintuck Tie-Dyed Sundress, $220, Alisha Trimble, 3. Silk Chiffon & Sequin Camisole $175, Blanche DuMois, 4. Studded & Sequin Mailot, $275, Brain Waves, 5. White Lace Dress w Cotton Rib-Knit Lining, $300, Alisha Trimble 6. Sheer Mesh Rosebud Bralet & String Bikini $190, Blanche DuMois, 7. Yellow Tie-Dyed Silk Taffeta Dress, $750, Alisha Trimble 5. Pink Tie-Dyed Floral Draped & Crochet Dress, $1250, Alisha Trimble.

Available this summer at SMITH BOUTIQUE / 28 Nugent Street / Southampton, NY 11968 / 631.283.1510


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/s /h /o /p /c /h /a /m /e /l /e /o /n

I can’t stop shopping at Shop Chameleon.  They are my go-to for shoes & accessories for all my shows & parties.  Like the Smiley Bangle pictured below, get it here.

I hope this dream never ends.

Model: Anna from Mc2 / Photographer: Alejandro garcia / MakeUp: Shameika Bowman / Stylist: V Vernard

Silk Charmeuse Evening Gown: Alisha Trimble / Lace Mask: Jennifer Behr / Bracelet: / Necklaces and rings: Accessory Remix


highlights from besu

Thanks to everyone who came to besu last weekend, here are some snapshots of the fun we had:


Claire wears a limited edition white lace dress from Alisha SS11 Collection, Leah gets treated to hair & makeup by stylist Tye Coe

Guests enjoy the ambience.  images: polina chizhova


Spring is Here

Excited about brunch this Sunday at Besu Salon.  Here are a couple dresses designed for Spring-to-Summer wear.

While I’m at the salon, I shall need to restock on my most-used moisturizer from Repechage: the special formula uses zinc oxide to protect the skin from UV, plus an anti-inflammitory blend of red, white, and green teas & herbs.  This is especially lovely to use on Irish skin to alleviate redness.

Looking forward to being prepared so I can enjoy the sun and fun all summer long.