Alert: Designer Fraud (Yawn,) Again.

Remember back in Fall 2012 when I was super into The Magic Mountain?  Here’s a link from my press archives about the collection.

I don’t know who this Ana Locking gal is, but she’s totally biting my style, her Spring 15 collection is also “inspired by Thomas Mann’s novel The Magic Mountain.” Thankfully the clothes are different but helping yourself to my sloppy seconds headline is just as bad.

It makes sense though, since it takes about 2 years to read through the 700+ pages of this truly epic work of rogue literature.  Sry not Sry Ana, I did it first!  You’re on Blast.

I’m used to it by now, but it’s still annoying to get an email blast from with style-biter written all over it.

PS here’s the original video for this Epic-novel-inspired collection, from the archive:


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