S P O T L I G H T : X O X O N I C O

X O X O ,   N I C O   is the nomme de plume taken by creative powerhouse Nicole Marie Polec. Her 2D production background includes standbys like nerve.com & page six magazine (not coincidentally during the apex of each’s popularity.)  Nicole’s reckless foothold riding the crest of culture’s tidal wave makes her one of New York media society’s secret it girls.  A graduate of the New England School of Photography, select publications include: teen vogue, Billboard, Intima, Hour Detroit, Swoon, FashionIndie, Ready Made, and Clutch Magazines. The extent to her photographic work goes from intimate portraits which have shaped the identities of today’s living legends in music, to her own cultural quips: much of which is driven by a deep dark hook of wit and wry iconography. 


ImagePhoto by xoxo nico

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