just being honest guys

Are we ready to call off the whole “premium denim” thing yet? I know you think that you can dress up jeans with good shoes and a sparkly loose top but actually you just look like you passed thru Vegas on the way from the rodeo.

Maybe some of you would be too embarrassed to admit that “premium denim” was a farce from the start, so OK fine.  It was a thing.  But please, no more.  Put on a dress.  Like a real one made of silk that feels luxurious yet slightly uncomfortable & cost more than $300 (what you spent on jeans 3 years ago.)  Then, go somewhere you don’t normally go, like go to see Cat on a Hot Tin Roof on Broadway or something. 

You’ll thank me later.


One thought on “just being honest guys

  1. Argiri Geortsacos says:

    Hi Alisha, Don’t wear jeans anymore but whole heartedly agree with you. Have you ever considered contacting me? Love Mum…xoxoxoxo

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