Thank You More Please

Top 5 fav instagrams from the Fall 2013 presentation:


by @fashionbat


by Mariana Leung


by xoxo nico


by Abigail Jorgenson


by Molly Fletcher

Here are a few press links:

  • Cute review on Ms Fabulous here.
  • Photo coverage at here
  • Whitney’s pre-presentation interview here
  • Photo & event coverage by Ian Crumm here
  • Hair & Makeup showcase in ARROJO stylenoted:
  • Alejandra here, Amanda here, and Kate here.
  • Listed in NY Daily News here, hiperfashion here, & New York magazine’s the Cut here
  • A slideshow at Always Fashion Week here
  • Photostream by Carla Rae Thompson here, and Gary Brown here. 
  • The feeling is mutual at twenty6 Magazine’s smart & incisive rave review here

Fav facebook share by Zink Magazine:



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