Twitter flight patterns for 2013

When it comes to twitter, you don’t have to ruin it by being a spammer or share the same basic messages across all your platforms.  It’s not really about following<followers as it is about making beautiful & engaging music.  With its rapidly updating format, twitter calls to mind the adage, “brevity is the sole of wit.” Here are my tips for making magical tweets in 2013:

  • Canary in a mineshaft: twitter is an easy way to update groups on your news items, much like a note you’d leave on the refrigerator for your roommates.  Party invite = fun roommate, cranky rant = sucky roommate.  By writing a cute note & link to your article, you can enjoy an appreciative audience, whether you’ve got a new song up on soundcloud, or found a new look on net-a-porter.
  • Golden ambition: it’s good to follow your friends, but also follow peeps whom you don’t know yet, but want to.  That way, when opportunities are announced, like when NYLON magazine announces a new store opening in a hip area or Glam Media launches a blogging contest , you can be the first to know & get on it.
  • Party bird: keep up the “social” in social media.  Cluing into the conversation attracts new followers & keeps your voice authentic.  If you know a joke you’d tell to a group of people, sharing it on twitter makes for lively banter.  You can tell it standup style to everyone, and/or write the tweet @yourchattyfriend who gets it and will reply.  Also retweet things you like, and ask & answer questions.
  • Tagged in the wild: #hashtags are good to use, either to note your general topic at the end of the tweet, as a Young-Money-style punchline, or #FF on Fridays with a list of people you follow to spread the collective word, they will reply & thank you for it.
  • Birds of a feather: if it really is a numbers thing & your goal is to grow the ultimate social media following, think of imaginative ways to attract followers.  Announce on your movie’s website & email update that 10 lucky new twitter followers within the next 7 days will be selected to receive free tickets to your premiere.  The key is to give a little extra something so that you can receive that tweet, tweet love.



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One thought on “Twitter flight patterns for 2013

  1. Jay Stump says:

    i really need to use mine. terrible I don’t, but honestly I just haven’t had much going on in life this past year. 😦 ..need to change that.

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