A Guide to Better Shopping: 5 Reasons why you should spend more on clothes this week

  1. The Re-peat.  Even Michelle Obama knows that a good thing is worth enjoying more than once.  Her designer outfits are such a hit, she wears them over again, to encore applause.
  2. Don’t wear McDonald’s.  You pretty much know that when clothes cost less, that somebody’s doing something awful to make that price happen.  Yet consumers are generally not skeptical of low priced mega-manufacturers.  Do you eat at McDonald’s?  Hopefully not.  Then why would you wear McDonald’s type clothes? Stop embarrassing yourself.
  3. The final quarter.  Whether or not you care about fashion, this is the last quarter of the year, and end of year retail sales will largely influence the economic situation for next year.  Want your niece to find a job next summer?  Then buy something new for yourself to wear for New Year’s Eve.
  4. Vintage is not as cool as you think it is.  It’s still old clothes.  And one person benefits from that sale, while countless more people benefit from the purchase of a new item.
  5. Because you can.  It’s really more attainable than you think.  Stop waiting for something horrible to happen and just dip into your savings already.

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