On a personal note

Those of you who know me well understand my family has recently endured some hardships.  In the past few years, we’ve had trouble managing properties, and while nothing is certain, it looks like the situation with the Trimble estate is heading toward foreclosure.  It has been humbling to say the least to experience this as a family member, but sadly it has happened to many families that I know of in the Detroit-area suburbs and it’s not anyone’s fault.  Mostly what’s frustrating about it is that my mother & father are completely uninvolved and there are no close friends my age going through this to offer guidance on the topic to whom I can relate.

Since I missed the traditional upbringing, I often wondered as a child if I would be better off with a regular mom and dad.  Now I appreciate the fact that my grandmother was an infallible caretaker, and although she was stern, I needed the discipline and it has served me well in my adult life.  Also I’m grateful to be raised together with my older brother.  Thank you grandma & I hope I get to visit you soon, thank you Dustin for taking such good care of her.  Also thank you both for believing in me and supporting what I do, I promise not to let you down.  xxo A


One thought on “On a personal note

  1. We lost our home in MI this past year. My husband and I lost our jobs and were force to move out of MI to get new jobs out in WA. It’s been a situation I don’t wish on anyone. Our renters stop paying the rent and we just couldn’t afford it anymore. So I know how you feel. Hugs!

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