the personal fables


In case you were wondering, what does a life in fashion add up to?  A trail of sloppy party photos, apparently…

here are some of the classixx.  Kids, don’t try this at home.

Backstage at Spring 12 show, I’m trying not to be photographed sewing… at yotel from

Hot mess as captured by Patrick McMullan, parts 1 and 2.

Again with my Bestie stylist V Vernard, this time at the Opening Ceremony / Misshapes party. (I’m pretty sure someone spilled vodka on my hair upon entry…  & in some strange way it was a blessing)

At Catherine Slip [Before my curiosity about Swedes turned into a full-blown addiction.]

Sometimes all day is not enough time to get ready.

O, Instagram Filter, you are so very kind.  Just let the haircut do the talking.  My sister from the mist Alyssa Key finally attends one of my shows, albeit an hour after we finished.

Is it scary how well I blend in with 3 Filipino men?  Just call me eccentric, case closed. Here with the darling Aristeo, and owner of Redken Hair products, & sense & style magazine.

Isobel & I, always mirroring each other.  This was me trying the lipstick trick Molly Ringwald does in The Breakfast Club.  Ewa had such an easy way of drawing you into her world and then making it completely unbearable, but thru her camera it was all so important and if you ever missed a beat you longed to be part of it

bonus clip here:


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