Good Times at Z!NK

The September Fashion Issue of Z!nk Magazine is my return to print media, since the days when I published a zine.  For those of you who missed this phenom, it’s kindof a xeroxed equivalent to what people now refer to as blogging.  Except the subject matter was more indie-authentic, and in my opinion less narcissistic than today’s teen self-publishers.

In the news section I wrote about the IFB Conference.  When I attended the conference, it was squeaky-clean.  The panel discussions were the main attraction, but they seemed largely didactic.  I received free pressed powder from Bare Minerals, which I wear sometimes as blush.  It must’ve been dark in there because the makeup artist selected a color that’s  2 shades darker than my actual skin tone.  Also, I was interested in The Bloggers Tool Kit, but I wasn’t allowed to see one.

I was so proud to have my name on the masthead: a first!

Here’s the article I wrote about Gucci Sustainable Soles, eco-friendly shoes.  I want a pair, please!

I want to thank the Zink staff for having me on board.  It was such fun researching, writing, and going through lookbooks.  I hope I will continue to write & direct photo shoots for them as well.  Visit them online at Cheers, Alisha


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