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Which fashion rules have gone out of style (and which should you follow?)

We understand it’s hard to keep up.  With fashion’s ever-changing trends, how can you keep the confidence that you are dressed well-enough to go out?  Especially when your picture ends up on the internet everywhere, you must maintain your appearance on a daily basis.  Here are a few of the ground rules, and a few over-ruled.


image: bzkbbg via flickr


White before Labor Day?  It doesn’t matter.  Vogue cancelled this one back in 92.  You can wear white whenever, & wherever you want.  Just be careful with proportions since it has an enlarging effect!

Color-matching: avoid it!  Unless you have been confined to parlors for the last 20 years (and if so, good for you!) you don’t have to wear the same color tops, bottoms, & definitely not shoes.  We see the color-blocking trend is still pretty strong, using either adjacent or analogous colors, or even better: brights with neutrals to emphasize & de-emphasize proportions in certain areas of your figure, get what I mean.

Alongside color-matching, Brand-Matching is gone.  While it’s great to have a loyalty to a professional designer, no longer are we wearing bebe in rhinestones across our boobs, or Juicy Couture head-to-toe.  The 90’s brand-effort was pretty strong, until people realized that they were walking advertisements & the rhinestones fell off rather quickly.

While it’s def ok to skimp here & there to save money, what’s coming back is the Statement Piece.  In your wardrobe, have several choices which reflect your personal style, that you purchased from the designer or from a specialty store.  For example, having a couple heels from Payless is OK, if you wear them with your Miu Miu dress, or something gorge from Jeffrey’s.  Mixing it up has become the norm & you will see a lot more of this going forward.

For the advanced fashionista, it’s not just about being well-dressed, it’s about setting new trends.  Now you can charge ahead a grab the glory of looking your best.


3 thoughts on “Which fashion rules have gone out of style (and which should you follow?)

  1. Sometimes I love tradition, like the ‘white before Labor Day rule’ or when people are really loyal to a certain designer (like Audrey Hepburn with Givenchy back in the day), but on the other hand I love innovative, creative looks too. For now I think people should understand that ‘matching’ doesn’t necessarily mean you have to dress in one particular style or colour palette.

    Love, Sam

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