Summery Goods

PICTURED: 1. Gold Crystal Necklace, $80, Too Shea, 2. Cotton Pintuck Tie-Dyed Sundress, $220, Alisha Trimble, 3. Silk Chiffon & Sequin Camisole $175, Blanche DuMois, 4. Studded & Sequin Mailot, $275, Brain Waves, 5. White Lace Dress w Cotton Rib-Knit Lining, $300, Alisha Trimble 6. Sheer Mesh Rosebud Bralet & String Bikini $190, Blanche DuMois, 7. Yellow Tie-Dyed Silk Taffeta Dress, $750, Alisha Trimble 5. Pink Tie-Dyed Floral Draped & Crochet Dress, $1250, Alisha Trimble.

Available this summer at SMITH BOUTIQUE / 28 Nugent Street / Southampton, NY 11968 / 631.283.1510



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