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Eight Grand is pleased to present its inaugural exhibition Inter-face, curated by Coral Silverman, a group show exploring the ways in which our lives are being shaped by technology, at 1013 Grand Street in East Williamsburg. The exhibition features Emma Andrea, Jonathan Nissenbaum, Coral Silverman, Felisia Tandiono, Vitor Teixeira, and Ventiko. Working in a diverse set of media, including painting, photography, sculpture, and installation, the artists present new work addressing themes of communication, technology, and the virtual world.

The title of the exhibition Inter-face asks the viewer to consider the many definitions of the term, as the point of interconnection between two entities, both between a person and a machine and between two people. As it becomes increasing simple and efficient to communicate with others, does the value of that communication decrease? As people spend more and more time engaged with their computers, cell phones, and other machines does human face-to-face interaction remain important and relevant?

Eight Grand is a shared studio space containing a small gallery in a converted factory building housing hundreds of artists’ studios as well as the International Studio & Curatorial Program. Inter-face is the first show of planned monthly exhibitions. Each show will be open for one night only or by appointment.


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