Get on Santa’s good hair list!

ARROJO + Alisha 09

Alisha Trimble was a star of NY Fashion Week and in her second event at ARROJO studio she presents her jewelry collection, alongside two guest jewelry designers, Coral Silverman and Anna Marcell.

Girls Night Out

Thursday 3rd December 6pm @ ARROJO studio

56 King Street, New York NY 10014

And as well as being able to purchase jewelry, they’ll be ARROJO stylists on hand to give FREE blow-dries and bang trims, makeup touchups, and styling tips and tricks.

Plus, for this night only, we’re taking 40% off all ARROJO product
purchases, and if you spend more than $30 on said product, you also get an Alisha Trimble Special Edition Cosmetic Bag (while stocks last) COMPLETELY FREE.

It’s going to be a great girly night of jewelry shopping and pampering!

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