don’t take my word for it

Here’s what people are saying about my fall 09 show:

  • A crashing review in venus zine here,
  • a mini review on nolchametier here,
  • stylistic writeup here
  • images on xoxonico here,
  • luv from bellavitastyle here,
  • a mention on phatguru here,
  • photos on I’m not obsessed here,
  • a summary on urbane girl here.
  • an open invitation on independentluxe here
  • on the calendar of my favourite: fashion week daily here
  • corruptnyc went behind the scenes here.
  • invention of solitude ponders the meaning of wealth here.
  • current covers it here

There are some interviews scheduled this week so stay tuned for further coverage on the collection darlings.

I also participated in a really nice event by sari and eva, more info on that one here.


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