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new year’s eve and beyond

I visited Hi Christina back in October, and had the unique opportunity to visualize my future before the hollidays.  I thought, what a great way to prepare for new year’s early.  Here’s what I came up with:


Alisha identifies with the colloquialism “young, broke and fabulous”
Next Six Months
Valley of the Dolls Phase
One Year from Now
Alisha is still fabulous, no longer broke.
2009, September
First magazine cover.
Alisha Trimble is the most photographed fashion designer in the USA.
Barbie Doll in my likeness.
World fame. Release life story. Censored for scandalous content.
The new Mother Theresa = Mother Fuschia.
Alisha lives in an enormous unkempt castle with 3 vanity tables covered with stuff. She has found all she is seeking in life and enjoys it with her dear friends.
Valley of the Dolls Phase Part 2
Buried next to Elizabeth Taylor.
Exhumed due to mysterious cause of death scandal.

Check out this and other art at  xx  thx christina and fritz


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