Make It Happen or Take A Hike

By Guest Editor Ewa Josefsson

Jeez. Alisha knows the art of being polite like noone else. Maybe she has to. Because inside of that sweet-as-sugar-princess-silk-chiffon outside is a diamond. And diamonds are HARD and SHARP.

She has a plan. Never doubt that. Alisha Is A Very Busy Man. She also have the extraordinary ability to create amazing things out of practically nothing. And let me assure you: If someone started with nothing it’s her.

Obviously her mantra is Make It Happen and I am sure she will. In ten years I am sure her Swarovsky crystals are exchanged for real diamonds. She will have the fame and fortune she desires. And then end up as an eccentric artist not caring so much for either of them.

Laughing all the way to the bank


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