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shoulder pads

In the same way that womens suits have shoulder pads, giving the feeling of big shouldered male power, men should wear falsies sewn into their work shirts to give the illusion of nurturing, adaptability, and the right to be humiliated.

from A Different Kind of Intimacy by Karen Finley


One thought on “shoulder pads

  1. mzomoto says:

    I do understand women wear a jacket or a dress with shoulder pads. My humble opinion is that the pads are for the shape itself…anyway, I grew up my teenage days through 1980s and remember those suits with the pads. The shape was quite popular then, Princess Di & Madonna came up to my mind in a second. However, back then, it was like “Big shoulder & Small waist with fat belt” I could be wrong. And Men wears something with falsies will take this discussion somewhere different out of context. Right now, young hipster boys wearing skinny pair of jeans is closer to this discussion(shoulder pads) than falsies. Men wearing something with falsies is closer to David Bowie in ’80, or all those L.A. hair metal bands in ’80 wearing spandex. And, I’m not drunk or stoned, I’m sober!!!

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