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Anonymity’s goodbye kiss

I remember a day two summers ago when I was shopping in midtown. It was particularly hot that day, & I was wearing a little white tube top, shorts, and espadrilles. While I thrive in hot weather, things took a turn for the worse, when, out of nowhere, rain began pouring down in sheets.

Ill-prepared as I was for such weather, I scampered beneath the shelter of the post office loading dock and waited for the torrential downpour to clear. Crossing my arms across my white tube-topped chest and avoiding the leery glances and remarks of passers-by, the rain showed no signs of stopping.

Desperately needing something to cover my little outfit, I encountered an unused black garbage bag draped over the trash bin next to me. Having no other choice, the store was going to close and I needed to get to it, I made a few holes in the black plastic, and created the world’s most stylish garbage bag. Since the store was cash-only, I had to stop at the bank ATM at the corner.

Along the way, I saw someone wearing a tee-shirt that said ¨Kiss your anonymity goodbye.¨ Once I got into the ATM lobby, I saw the smug individual who opened my bank account. He must have liked my trash bag outfit because he used it as an excuse to walk up to me and start a conversation. ¨How do you like your bank account?¨he asks.

I look at him as if I am not wearing a garbage bag into a bank lobby. I smile through the pain of utter humiliation.¨It’s great!¨I say, focusing intently on punching the numbers into the machine, thinking, oh god, I am that person.

They were much more forgiving of my outfit at the store.


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